The Art of Henna

Notably used at wedding festivals and rites of passage, henna body adornment is well-known for attracting love, good fortune and protection.

Wood-Burned Art

Henna-inspired designs are wood-burned on food-grade bowls, boards and utensils–all hand-made, original and one-of-a-kind.


Treat yourself

Come and enjoy a luxurious treat of adorning yourself in the ancient art of Mehndi.

All Natural Adornment

Made from henna plant leaves that are made into a paste, henna is artfully applied in a beautiful temporary design that can stay on the skin for up to one month.

Affordable Luxury

We appear at many popular festivals and public events in the tri-state area; stop by and see us! We also do private events like weddings, showers and parties of all kinds.